Weight Loss



More than two-thirds of adults in Pennsylvania are overweight or obese, and the numbers keep rising. John Scaffidi, MD, FABOM, FACOG, and Maneesh Ailawadi, MD, FSSO, at Lehigh Valley Weight Loss, with offices in Allentown and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, have decided to tackle the obesity epidemic and have helped thousands of people lose weight and get healthy with their state-of-the-art-program, which offers lifestyle modifications with or without medications and/or surgery. To learn more about how they can help you achieve your goals, call the office today or schedule an appointment using the online booking tool.

What is medical weight loss?

The health care experts at Lehigh Valley Weight Loss know better than anyone how much you struggle to lose weight, often losing and regaining the weight over and over again. You may find weight loss difficult because you don’t have the help and tools.

Lehigh Valley Weight Loss offers a physician-supervised weight-loss plan designed to meet your very specific nutrition and health needs to help you lose the weight for good. To better understand your specific weight-loss needs, the team first conducts a thorough evaluation, which includes a physical exam and blood work, as well as a review of your medications, medical history, and lifestyle choices.

While weight loss may be your primary goal, the medical experts at Lehigh Valley Weight Loss may also focus on fixing any underlying health issue while you start a weight-loss program.

The plan focuses on teaching you simple lifestyle changes that you can easily incorporate into your life. If needed, the medical experts at Lehigh Valley Weight Loss prescribe medication to assist you in your weight loss efforts.

Do I need to follow a strict diet?

Diets, strict, fad, or otherwise never work long term. The medical weight-loss program shows you how to incorporate simple and sustainable healthy eating habits that you can take anywhere you go for the rest of your life.

Do I need to exercise?

The team at Lehigh Valley Weight Loss creates a physical activity plan for you to follow to help you lose the weight and improve your health. The exercise plan is designed to fit your fitness levels and weight-loss goals. You won’t need to get a personal trainer or join a gym in order to have tremendous success, but you will most likely need to move more than you do now.

What type of medication can help me lose weight?

If you’re struggling to lose weight or you have health issues that would benefit from weight loss, the team at Lehigh Valley Weight Loss may prescribe weight-loss medication to help you reach your goals and improve your health. These medications act as tools combined with the above techniques to maximize your results and improve your health.

For a physician-supervised medical weight-loss plan, call Lehigh Valley Weight Loss or schedule a consultation using the online booking button.