Scarless Breast Lift



A breast lift is a procedure that corrects sagging and drooping of the breasts. A youthful breast position is high on the chest with nipples that align approximately horizontal to the midline of the upper arms. The breast lift shifts the breast and nipple position upward allowing a woman to revitalize the breasts, restoring their firmness and giving them a more youthful appearance. Various studies have even shown that a breast lift may help women boost their self-esteem through an improved body image. Asymmetrical breasts can also be corrected during a breast lift.

Breast lifts typically involve cutting around the nipple and extending that incision downward into the crease under the breast. Most women are uncomfortable with the idea of visible breast scars and are looking for an alternative to get the same or similar results. They don’t want to trade a droopy breast for a lifted one with significant scarring and have to pay more money for it as well.

Now there is a scarless option to correct mild to moderately sagging and droopy breasts! Dr. Scaffidi has received advanced training in this technique and is the only one able to provide this service in the region. Dr. Scaffidi’s Scarless Breast Lift can improve the shape and position of the breasts and nipples leaving the treated area fuller, firmer, with no loss of volume, and of course, no scars. This treatment utilizes the newest technology which allows a woman to rejuvenate the breasts without having to undergo the risks, discomfort, expense and recovery of traditional surgery.

There are reasons why a woman may consider a surgical breast lift with scars. Surgical correction, although more risky, costly, requiring general anesthesia and creating scars, will generate the most lift. This option also comes with a significant amount of healing, pain, expense and downtime, but may be the only option for some, especially for women with larger breasts or severe sagging.

During an Scarless Breast Lift, a highly controlled thermal field coagulates heats fibrous septa which tightens the breast’s supporting ligament as well as its capsule. This helps raise the breasts and nipples, bolster their firmness all while maintaining their volume. This is performed under local anesthesia, patients go home immediately after the procedure and can resume normal activities immediately. Exercise can be restarted in approximately one week.

A Scarless Breast Lift represents a great option for women who want to restore breast shape after weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding. It is also an ideal option for a woman, who through the natural aging process, has seen her breasts flatten and fall and would like a more lifted, perky breast silhouette. For women who have asymmetrical breasts, a Scarless Breast Lift may be appropriate for lifting the position of one breast and nipple to match the other. During your consultation, Dr. Scaffidi will review your desired improvements and determine if a Scarless Breast Lift is the best treatment option for you.