Iviva Solutions



Remedies must be scheduled and come in 2 sizes

Fast & Functional

$119 ($100 cash)

Huge amount of nutrients with less IV fluid. Very effective but takes less than half the time.


*appointment required

Slow & Steady

$169 ($150 cash)

Maximum amount of nutrients in a liter of IV fluid. The best quality found anywhere.


*appointment required

  • Shield
  • Radiance
  • Skinny Drip
  • Alleviate
  • Tranquility
  • Liquid Libido
  • Fog Free
  • Fit Fluid
  • Healer
  • Customize It
  • WHO
  • WHAT
  • WHY
  • WHEN
  • HOW

Basic ‘Shots’ Menu

Booster ‘shots’ flood the body with all natural vital nutrients (Available for walk-ins and at time of appointment)

Standard B12

Energy, Immunity, Metabolism - 1mg
$10 (+$5 as add-on)

B12 Boost

Double the Standard for even more B12!

Quad B12

Double the Boost - for the max B12 effect - 4mg!!

Power Couple

Ageless + Boost to detox your body, improve focus, immunity, & skin quality

Power Trip

Power Couple + B-Complex for more energy, better focus, immunity & mood


Improve mood, energy & immunity - all with vitamin D3 - key to Liquid Libido & Shield


(MIC + B12): Burn fat, reduce appetite, boost metabolism & energy - key to Skinny Drip

Liver Lift

Improve liver health including fatty liver with Lipo Lean + Taurine


Improve look, health & quality of hair, skin & nails with biotin-key to Radiance

Sore Loser

Relieve pain & swelling with a potent NSAID, an anti-inflammatory medication - requires provider's ok

Nausea Nix

Potent medication for nausea & vomiting, safe even in pregnancy


Anti-aging shot -improve skin, immunity & focus; body's best detoxifier - a key to Shield, Radiance & Alleviate


Advanced ‘Shots’ Menu

Good & Quick versions of our most popular IV Remedies (Available for walk-ins and at time of appointment)

IM Radiant

"Beauty Shot" that replenishes hair, nails, makes skin tighter / smoother. Even fights acne & restores a glowing youthful look!

IM Fit & Fab

Skinny Drip:
Improve energy, metabolism, muscle building and fat breakdown to enhance our weight loss program. Lipo Lean PLUS much more!

IM Ready

Liquid Libido:
Improve passion, pleasure & performance by naturally increasing hormones & blood flow in all the right places, at the cellular level!

Im Relieved

Get a relaxed, refreshed, energized feeling, relieve acute and chronic ailments, boost immunity, reduce stress - just feel better!

IM Calm

De-stress, feel peaceful, relaxed & sleep better.

IM Protected

Immunity booster - prevent infections & recover quicker.

IM Focused

Fog Free:
Improve focus, concentration & memory.

IM Limitless

Limitless - NAD+
Slow aging, increase brain function, metabolism, energy, improve mood, inflammation, pain & immunity: includes NAD+, Power Trip, Lipo Lean & More!




For serious protection only! Magnify immunity, prevent illness & speed up recovery, especially against viruses with huge amounts of Vitamin C and zinc plus much more work to energize your defenses, creating a fortress around the body & an army within. Use it before travel or anywhere exposure might happen & even when cold symptoms start.




This ‘Beauty Drip’ replenishes skin with C, biotin, glutathione & more. It tightens, brightens, fights acne while smoothing wrinkles & fine lines to restore a glowing youthful look. It makes hair fuller and shinier, strengthens nails & even brightens your eyes! Revive your body from the inside out instead of using costly creams that only work on the outside. Add on more glutathione for even more Radiance! [+$20]




Enhance a weight loss journey of healthy diet & exercise with a special mix of nutrients including a triple Lipo Lean. It boosts energy & metabolism, eliminates fatigue, & raises mental wellbeing. Skinny Drip promotes fat breakdown, reduces appetite & stimulates muscle growth allowing more lean muscle mass for better & longer weight loss. Add on more Lipo Lean for just $25.




Get a relaxed, refreshed, energized feeling & relieve acute & chronic ailments such as: aches, pains, menstrual symptoms, menopausal issues, migraines, fibromyalgia, fatigue, mood disorders, stress, asthma, allergies, eczema, hangovers, inflammatory & autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid, lupus, IBD, MS, psoriasis, etc). With over a dozen nutrients, it also boosts immunity, reduces stress, creates a sense of well-being, improves sleep & cures hangovers. It raises muscle function, increasing energy, athletic performance & recovery. Alleviate’s special blend provides pain relief like a potent anti-inflammatory but is NOT a narcotic or an NSAID!

For added effect, it can be combined with odansetron (Zofran) for better nausea relief, ketorolac (Toradol), a potent non-narcotic NSAID pain reliever, diphenhydramine (Benadryl), for more allergy relief (requires another driver due to extreme drowsiness) or famotidine (Pepcid) a non-drowsy antihistamine and antacid that will also settle your stomach. Save $5 on one, $10 on a pair, or $20 for the trio.




Get quickly back to normal from any bodily insult, injury or illness that knocks you down or procedure that lays you out. This remedy provides the raw materials to prevent infection & the building blocks to restore tissues quickly & completely in a fraction of the time. Healer detoxifies with glutathione (also lightens scars), supercharges immunity while accelerating tissue repair with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Improve pain relief with an add on of Procaine (also lifts mood) &/or ketorolac (Toradol), a potent non-narcotic NSAID - save $5 for one or $10 for the pair.




Decreased sex drive (libido) affects millions and is due to stress, fatigue & poor nutrition. Don’t just accept it! This important remedy works for both men & women at the cellular level to improve passion, pleasure & performance by naturally increasing hormones & blood flow in all the right places. Add on vitamin D3, the Elevate Shot, to improve mood, desire, energy, stamina & focus even more. Usually $30, it’s only $20 as an add on. Liquid Libido truly adds fuel to the fire! Save 25% off lesser remedy when both you & your partner get one together!




Brain fog sets in from the stress of long work hours, too little sleep, dwindling downtime & rising responsibility. This blend boasts a large dose of glutathione that lifts the fog, clears the mind & boosts concentration, memory & mental energy. Productivity will boom, efficiency will soar & focus will become laser sharp. Add on vitamin D3 (the Elevate Shot) for only $20 & improve mood, energy, performance & get even more focus. Or add IM NAD+ (See Limitless Brochure) to push Fog Free to the limit & unlock your brain’s full potential! Get the mental sharpness needed to excel in that big meeting, conference, upcoming test or just get an extra cleaning of those cobwebs in your brain & keep them away even longer! NAD+ Shot is usually $50, but only $30 with Fog Free.




Extensive, prolonged stress & restless sleep lead to fatigue, exhaustion, sickness & depression. This remedy allows a healing mood to flow, peeling away layers of stress for a peaceful, relaxed feeling - letting you turn off & get much needed, better, & more restful sleep.




Get an energy boost before or after that big game, physically demanding chores or even a weekend warrior spree. By reducing fatigue & soreness this allows better, longer exertion with less pain & quicker recovery. Featuring crucial amino acids & minerals, it provides extra energy without that fuzzy, wired feeling you get with energy drinks. Add on ketorolac (Toradol) for pain & swelling, D3 to improve mood, energy, performance & focus, or even add-on NAD+ to take Fit Fluid to the next level for tremendous energy, performance & enhanced recovery. Save $5 for ketorolac, D3 or NAD+. Take $10 off for two or $20 off for the whole trio.




Don’t see something that fits your needs just right? Want a little from one remedy and a bit from another? Dr. Scaffidi can design a special, tailor-made, remedy & regimen just for you. Simply ask to schedule a consult.

If you simply want to combine existing remedies into one infusion:

A Double Combo saves 25%
+$85 Slow & Steady
+$65 Fast & Functional

A Triple Combo saves more than 30%
+$170 Slow & Steady
+$120 Fast & Functional


?? WHO ??

Do you have any acute or chronic issues like mental or physical fatigue, stress, pain, Fibromyalgia, allergies, asthma, migraines or autoimmune conditions (Lyme’s, Lupus, Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid, etc)? There’s a remedy for that!

How about poor complexion, dull skin, fine lines, thinning or lackluster hair, brittle nails, acne, decreased sex drive / pleasure / function / stamina, nausea, dehydration, hangover, miserable periods or unbearable menopausal symptoms? There’s a remedy for that!

Are you planning any upcoming travel (especially via plane), being around a large group of people or even just a few that don’t follow the current social distancing guidelines as well as they should? There’s a remedy for that!

Do you have any nearing mental challenges (exams, presentations, interviews), tough physical exertion (moving day, a big game, weekend warrior events, athletic vacation), current injury, upcoming or recent surgery / procedure and desire quicker, less painful recovery? There’s a remedy for that!

Do you long for revitalized youthful glowing skin, with full shiny lustrous hair and nails? There’s a remedy for that!

Do you want to restore your libido, stamina, pleasure and function? There’s a remedy for that!

?? WHY ??

Everyone can benefit from one or more of these remedies for issues like fatigue, pain, inflammation, asthma, migraines, dehydration, fibromyalgia, acne or decreased sexual passion, pleasure or performance, concerns of viral exposure with travel, work, etc. Used to improve hair, skin, nails, complexion, weight loss, energy, immunity, memory, focus, concentration, alertness, performance, mood, stress, and healing from injury or surgery.

Injectable nutrients bypass the gut, are 100% absorbed, saturate cells quickly & provide rapid effects. Oral nutrients must go through the gut, are only ~20% absorbed, take many hours for effects & very often the best effects can’t even be achieved.

Effects occur within minutes to hours and last for days to weeks. But, since everyone is unique, results may vary.

Remedies can be safely taken weekly, but are usually repeated every few weeks. They are often alternated with different ones even more often.

?? WHAT ??

Your safety is our first concern, so we only use only compounded ingredients from specialty pharmacies that are heavily regulated by the FDA. Keep in mind that the FDA does NOT regulate oral supplements, and only when a pill is deemed harmful by the FDA is when it can be removed off the shelves.

Intravenous drips place their remedy directly into the bloodstream through a tiny soft plastic tube (IV) that is inserted into the vein in the arm, hand or wrist. This access allows the complete dose of vitamin, mineral, amino acid, micronutrient or medication to go directly and quickly to all the cells of the body. There is no need for digestion which completely eliminates those side effects. An intramuscular (IM) injection or shot places the nutritional bolus directly into the shoulder muscle (deltoid) or buttocks (gluteus) where this small reservoir in the muscle continually disperse into the bloodstream. The nutrients release more slowly than with an IV drip, and with smaller concentrations, but still much more efficiently and effectively than with oral prescription or over the counter supplements and medications.

Many get the perception of ‘tasting’ the vitamins when the drip first starts, may feel a tiny bit lightheaded for a few seconds, or initially feel a little coolness in your veins, but nothing is dangerous. If any of these feelings are uncomfortable, simply slowing down the drip rate a little will alleviate them.

?? WHEN ??

After receiving the remedy, most people feel the effects right away (energized, less pain, focused, refreshed, etc), while others may take a few hours to notice any effects. Some remedies don’t have any perceived effects, like Shield (immunity booster) and Healer (healing accelerator). Most of these effects will continue for days or weeks, with the final result depending upon each individual’s cellular environments, particular situation and needs. On average, it is recommended to get a remedy once a month. However, it is quite safe to get them more often. In fact, many people seek different ones for varying issues 2-3 times each month. As you replenish your internal stores, you will need the remedies less often, or can take advantage of smaller versions (see below) to keep the effects lasting longer.

?? HOW ??

There are over a dozen different remedies (eg Alleviate, Radiance, Skinny Drip, Shield, Liquid Libido, etc - all listed later) and they all come in 2 forms, “Slow & Steady”, and “Fast & Functional”. Each remedy is for a specific condition (see below) and they can even be customized, but this requires a scheduled consultation with Dr. Scaffidi.

Think of each remedy as a ‘recipe’ for a cake, and there are over a dozen cakes to choose from; vanilla, chocolate, carrot, cheese, etc. Each cake comes in 2 sizes; a big layer cake (Slow & Steady), and a regular cake (Fast & Functional). All the cakes have the same ‘flavor’ but have different amounts of ingredients. And a big piece of layer cake costs a bit more and takes longer to eat than would a smaller cake.

Slow & Steady drips typically take about 45-60 minutes and have the highest amounts of nutrients, much more than many competitive medi-spas found in NYC, LA & Miami provide routinely. A Fast & Functional drip takes only about 15-20 minutes, has a bit less of the nutrients and much less fluid, but is still quite effective.

Many opt for a Fast & Functional remedy because it only takes 15-20 minutes versus a Slow & Steady drip that typically takes about 60 minutes simply because it has more fluid and nutrients.