General Surgery



Surgery of any kind can be nerve-wracking both before and after. Maneesh Ailawadi, MD, FSSO, at Lehigh Valley Weight Loss, with offices in Allentown and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is a surgical expert who specializes in general surgery, hernia repairs, and all forms of abdominal surgery. This means he provides expert care before, during, and after your surgery to ensure continuity of care and to help ease your anxiety. His areas of expertise in general surgery include colon and breast cancer surgery. Call today or schedule a consultation using the online booking tool.

What is general surgery?

Despite its name, general surgery is a type of surgical specialty that focuses on conditions that affect the digestive system, abdominal region, breasts, skin, and endocrine system. In addition to providing expert surgical care, Dr. Ailawadi also received additional training so he can manage you and your health before, during, and after your surgical procedure.

What type of surgery is needed for colon cancer?

If you have colon cancer, surgery is likely part of your treatment plan. Surgery for colon cancer is aimed at removing the affected tissue.

Types of surgical procedures include:


A polypectomy is a surgical procedure that removes polyps, which are clumps of cells that can be benign or cancerous, from your colon.


Also referred to as a partial colectomy, a hemicolectomy is the removal of the part of your colon affected by cancer, along with a small segment of healthy tissue on either side. Lymph nodes may also be removed during this procedure. The remaining colon is then reattached.

Total colectomy

A total colectomy is the removal of your entire colon. Very rarely is a total colectomy recommended as a treatment for colon cancer.

Dr. Ailawadi is a skilled surgeon and utilizes minimally invasive techniques to maximize your treatment while minimizing your pain and downtime.

What type of surgery is needed for breast cancer?

Like colon cancer, surgery is often part of your treatment plan for breast cancer. There are two primary types of breast cancer surgery:

Breast conserving surgery

Also referred to as a lumpectomy, during breast conserving surgery only the affected tissue and some of the surrounding healthy tissue is removed. The amount removed depends on the size of your tumor.


A mastectomy is the complete removal of breast tissue, and sometimes the surrounding tissue.

If your cancer is in the early stages, you may be able to choose between breast conserving surgery or mastectomy. If you choose breast conserving surgery, you need radiation treatment following the removal of the cancerous tissue. You may be less likely to need radiation therapy following a mastectomy.

For general surgery needs from an expert, call Lehigh Valley Weight Loss or schedule an appointment using the online booking tool.