Additional Testimonials

Vilmarie Gonzalez 5 stars “Quede muy satisfecha con todo el personal sumamente atentos y contestaron todas mis preguntas muy excelentes como profesionales”

11/7/20 Allentown:
Janna De la Cruz 5 stars

11/6/20 Easton:
Julia Garguilio 5 stars

11/5/20 Easton:
Jessica Pautus 5 stars

11/4/20: Allentown:
Danielle McCullough 5 stars “ Everyone was very courteous and professional”

10/20/20 Easton:
Amy Weigand 5 stars “Office staff is always friendly“

10/18/20 Easton:
Tina Coyle 5 stars “I think the staff is extremely friendly. There are always new services offered. As of now I wouldn’t change a thing”

10/16/20 Easton:
Jennifer Batista 5 stars “Don’t change a thing!”

10/16/20 Allentown:
Marisol Sanchez 5 stars “El médico era excelente y todos eran muy amables”

10/12/20 Allentown:
Margarita Feliciano 5 stars “Everything was great!”

Ada Ortiz
Amazing service and great experience

Stephanie B.
I had positive experience during my gyn visit!

Eva Gonzalez

Gina C.
Everything was excellent and the staff was very friendly!

Crystal L.
I love this place everyone is so welcoming!

Luz T.
Everything and everybody was great! I can’t wait to get started!!

Leticia A.
I wouldn’t change a thing, everything was perfect!

Aaron G.
Great info, great experience!

Jennifer F.
I can honestly say I am extremely pleased with each and every appointment I have had from start to finish. Everyone is very nice, there is barely any wait time-the office runs very smoothly. But most importantly, I feel comforatable.

Abigail R.
I enjoyed the visit and look forward to the program. I’m very impressed with my new doctor, Dr. Scaffidi!

Tesla V.
Todo estaba excelente!

Dave Grays
Dr. Alliwadi is great! Works with you to keep track and the assurance that he gives to his patients is great!

Tia F.
The office offers

Crystal L.
Submitted 08/11/20
I love this place everyone is so welcoming!

Gina C.
Submitted 08/09/20
Everything was excellent and the staff was very friendly!

Stephanie B.
Submitted 08/06/20
I had a positive experience during my gyn visit.

Angela M.
Submitted 08/01/20
I’m so glad I decided to use SmartLipo with Dr. Scaffidi, the price was great and the result is even better!

Saturina S.
Submitted 08/01/20
They’re professional, respectful, and very nice people.

Carlos F.
Submitted 07/30/20

Sara B.
Submitted 07/30/20
Dr. Scaffidi and his staff have been great! Now that my weight loss goals are just about done, I can’t wait to get my body contouring with SmartLipo done!! I’m probably going to top it off with the new Emsculpt muscle building machine they have!!

Yessica D.
Submitted 07/18/20

Betsy G.
Submitted 07/18/20
You can wait in the waiting room 6ft apart from other patients or you can wait in your car and they call you when it’s your turn. Office is always very clean and everyone wears their masks.

Luz T.
Submitted 07/18/20
¡Estoy muy impresionado y definitivamente recomendaré a mis amigos y familiares!

Sulai A.
Submitted 07/18/20
This program is perfect for me! I can’t wait to get started.

Lourdes P.
Submitted 07/18/20
¡Todos fueron amables y aprendí mucho! ¡Estoy tan feliz de haber ido!

Jillian M.
Submitted 07/18/20
Great place!

Francis T.
Submitted 07/18/20
Everything and everyone was friendly and professional!

Aracelis R.
Submitted 07/05/20
happy with the care and service I’m receiving

Tara P.
Submitted 07/01/20
The program is working, the staff are nice and the doctors are even better!

Anthony T.
Submitted 07/01/20
The staff was great!

Robert M.
Submitted 06/30/20

Marleny H.
Submitted 06/27/20
Very good program: lots of information and support

Miriam A.
Submitted 06/27/20
Everybody was nice and I learned a lot! I can’t wait to get started!!

Maribel M.
Submitted 06/27/20
Excellent program and service!

Jennifer N.
Submitted 06/24/20

Noemis D.
Submitted 06/15/20
I have friends and family that did this program first and now I am! I am so proud that I did it too and I want to say thank you!!

Heather H.
Submitted 06/10/20
The visit was excellent, Dr. Scaffidi was very good and the nurse that was there during the exam was very good and so nice. Thank you again for an overall excellent experience.

Brenda M.

Submitted 06/03/20
It’s all good! The staff is friendly and there was no wait. I will definitely be referring my friends here!

Gabriella M.
Submitted 05/29/20
Everything here was excellent! The front staff were pleasant, there was no waiting for my appointment, and everything I needed was explained thoughtfully and completely. I will definitely refer my friends and family!!

Missy B.
Submitted 05/29/20
I have nothing but great things to say about this entire office! From the front office staff, nurses and Dr. Scaffidi, my experience was delightful! I came in for my well woman exam, with a problem associated with it. All my questions were answered and I felt comfortable with the way the doctor explained my problem and the treatment that was needed. I will definitely recommend this office to all women needing an OB/GYN and a great caring staff.

Rebeca A.
Submitted 05/28/20

Suzanne A.
Submitted 05/24/20
Everything was very good, the staff is friendly, the visit was informative and I’m going to refer my friends and family!

Katherine B.
Submitted 05/07/20
The whole experience is very good.

Sasha R.
Submitted 05/07/20
Everything was great!

Tina A.
Submitted 05/03/20
I had a great visit , everyone was very pleasant and professional!

Johanna S.
Submitted 04/28/20

Asmahan M.
Submitted 04/23/20
Thank you very much for your care and answering my questions. Thank you Dr Scaffidi for your medical advice I’m so happy with the program.

Wanda M.
Submitted 04/23/20
The appointment went very quick and my medication was ordered right away

Jennifer M.
Submitted 04/20/20
I am very glad I got to speak to Dr. Scaffidi, even if it was only a telehealth visit!

Treshivette D.
Submitted 04/17/20
Towards the end of my journey I’ll definitely look into the aesthetic services you provide. But, for right now, I’m just going to focus on the weight loss. The staff here is excellent! Keep up the good work and please stay safe in these trying times.

Rina N.
Submitted 04/15/20
Quiero felicitarlos por el servicio que ofrecen a sus pacientes. Estoy segura que todos aquellos que hemos tenido el placer de ser parte de ustedes ; estamos totalmente satisfechos por la capacidad, respeto, responsabilidad y sobre todo profesionalismo que ofrecen. Dios los Bendiga. Y feliz Día.
[Translation] I want to congratulate them for the service they offer their patients. I am sure that all those who have had the pleasure of being part of you; We are totally satisfied with the capacity, respect, responsibility and above all professionalism they offer. God bless you. And happy day

Asmahan M.
Submitted 04/13/20
Thank you Nani for taking your time and explaining how to get healthy and feel good . It is true it is all about what and how much you eat and when . The vitamin b12 shot boosts my energy. Thanks for all of you .

Elmy D.
Submitted 04/12/20
Mi cita fue por teléfono pero las chicas me atendieron muy bien!

Thomas W.
Submitted 04/12/20
Even the Telehealth visits are great!

Francis T.
Submitted 04/12/20

Brenda D.
Submitted 04/12/20
These are good people! Thank you.

Rita C.
Submitted 04/11/20
Had a telehealth visit as a new patient for weight loss and everything was great!

Jolene M.
Submitted 03/25/20
The staff is always friendly. Everyone is very thorough and makes you feel very comfortable.

Teresa A.
Submitted 03/15/20
Don’t change a thing – everything is great the way it is.!

Guillermo L.
Submitted 03/12/20

Abigail O.
Submitted 03/04/20

Denise K.
Submitted 03/01/20

April R.
Submitted 02/26/20
I wouldn’t change a thing!

Laurie B.
Submitted 02/23/20
Nothing to change everything is great! You guys are doing an amazing job!

Jaritza V.
Submitted 02/22/20
Awesome team!

Michelle G.
Submitted 02/19/20
All the ladies are always so cheerful an nice i always get good vibes as soon as I walk in !

Helen R.
Submitted 02/15/20
Awesome doctor and the staff is very nice!

Arety R.
Submitted 02/11/20
Excellent service!

Nilda C.
Submitted 02/07/20
Everything was excellent!

Anna F.
Submitted 01/23/20
Nice people working there …

Jessica C.
Submitted 01/22/20
Karen was extremely informative and patient. Felt very comfortable and place was very inviting. Will definitely recommend family and friends

Erin D.
Submitted 01/15/20
Great service and very professional.

Aurora A.
Submitted 01/12/20
Excellent visit!

Stephanie P.
Submitted 01/12/20
Highly recommend them and really appreciate them!

Jeannie H.
Submitted 01/12/20
I recommended my sister and friend. They both are patients there now!

Laura R.
Submitted 01/12/20
Great overall service.. Keep up the great work!!!

Silvia I.
Submitted 12/12/19
Dr. Scaffidi has been practicing for more than 20 years,the office has a nice bilingual staff, professional and friendly.

Denise G.
Submitted 11/24/19
I love this office! Nursing staff super cool. They guide and support you very well.

Christine D.
Submitted 11/24/19
Everything was excellent. Everyone in the Easton office is Awesome!

Bethanee H.
Submitted 11/20/19
I love this office and the staff!! I have already referred multiple people I know here!

Leevanessa R.
Submitted 11/09/19
I had a good experience and I would not change anything.

Dario D.
Submitted 11/07/19
Everything was very good! 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!

Chris T.
Submitted 11/03/19
Everything was good for me!! Keep up your amazing life changing work!

Athena C.
Submitted 10/31/19
The staff is always friendly and it was nice to see the doctor after not seeing him for a while! He always so pleasant and always make sure he addressed my questions comments and concerns!

Cindy M.
Submitted 10/27/19
Everyone was great from the front desk, to the educator, to the doctor!

Angela H.
Submitted 10/23/19
Everyone was nice and welcoming. Even though I had to wait a little past my appointment time I was very pleased with everyone and the way I was treated! Thank you all!!

Jasmine R.
Submitted 10/15/19
I have yet to be seen in the office, however, the young lady that answered my call was so sweet! So very helpful & gave me wonderful service.. Had all the answers to all my questions! She truly was a great help! Thanks, Amy! I can only imagine the rest of staff!

Ann A.
Submitted 10/10/19
Every one is friendly, professional & helpfully in every way!

Francis T.
Submitted 10/10/19
Please don’t change anything. Everything was great. I felt really comfortable. Thank you

Yvonne M.
Submitted 10/03/19
I am a fairly new patient. So far everything is working well. Your staff are very professional. Thank you!

Maria R.
Submitted 09/14/19
I feel so good and happy and I glad to go for you help thanks so much!

Guillermo L.
Submitted 09/12/19
Everything was excellent. The medical staff was thorough and explained everything in a very professional manner.

Saulia C.
Submitted 09/12/19
Fue buenísima pues mi cita era para el otro día y me atendieron ese día satisfactoriamente

Maria S.
Submitted 09/10/19
My visits are always pleasant and knowledgeable!

Aurora A.
Submitted 09/08/19
I am so happy I went this doctor I have managed to lose weight . Excellent care of providing service to their patients.

Moriah C.
Submitted 09/04/19
The ladies, and guys in the practice are are professional, and friendly. This is one doctor appointment I don’t dread going to always on schedule never waited past my appointment times!

Isaa R.
Submitted 08/30/19
All was good. I felt welcomed and not judged

Jess L.
Submitted 08/29/19
Dr. Scaffidi is one of the most amazing doctors I ever had. He He was my doctor for over 10 years and did all in his power to help me conceive my son. They gave me a 1% chance of having a child. My son will be 17 next month. He is highly recommended and will get the best care from him and his staff. Love him and forever grateful for what he did.

Yolanda T.
Submitted 08/21/19
Love Dr. Scaffidi! He’s very thorough and explains everything. Makes you feel very comfortable.

Mary M.
Submitted 08/14/19
My questions were answered before i had a chance to ask them! Thats how well prepared they were for my weight loss questions. Karen is fantastic with suggestions to help you feel possitive and motivated. This was my first visit to Dr. Scaffidi’s office and i left feeling the BEST i’ve felt in many years!! Thank you!!

A A.
Submitted 08/14/19
Excellent I feel this will help me achieve a better lifestyle.

Joanne B.
Submitted 07/27/19
Karen is extremely Nice and Professional. She is warming to speak with.

Ingrid B.
Submitted 07/25/19
The staff at the Easton office are amazing!

Dympha M.
Submitted 07/22/19
No complaints service is great customer Svs is wonderful Doctor is great

Cynthia H.
Submitted 07/19/19
I had a great experience with the office staff and the doctor I saw. They asked if I had any issues or concerns that they could address with me. And if I did, my concerns were explained to me in a way that I was able to understand. The entire staff made sure that all my needs were met.

Belinda M.
Submitted 07/05/19
Staff is super nice, doctor, nurse, and rest of staff explained everything. Everyone was super nice!

Maritza D.
Submitted 06/29/19
Dr Scaffidi address issues other than my weight loss that I appreciate him for always as a true Doctor that he is. He see me as a whole patient physically and mentally.

Tammy D.
Submitted 06/29/19
Very happy with Dr.Scaffidi and his Staff! I was recommended to him by a friend and I will continue to recommend him as well!

Darlene B.
Submitted 06/29/19
Everyone was friendly. They explained things thoroughly and are very encouraging.

Pilar C.
Submitted 06/28/19

Naomi B.
Submitted 06/28/19
Easton Staff Rock. They are the Best

Maria A.
Submitted 06/28/19
Excelente equipo de Recursos Huamos!

Samantha D.
Submitted 06/27/19
One of the best companies in terms of treatments and care, no doubt, excellent customer service, very fast everything and you answer all the questions. 100% recommended.

Maria C.
Submitted 06/22/19
The staff was very friendly. I would recommend anybody!

Tara B.
Submitted 06/22/19
Of all my visits this was probably my best one. I was having some concerns about my weight loss and the educator took the time to really go over things with me it was great and I paid attention and it’s working Wonderfully!! I don’t remember her name but I wish I did!!

Iris A.
Submitted 06/19/19
The staff was very professional the wait was not that long. Miss Karen was very helpful and understanding. I really look forward on loosing the weight. I have seen it in my daughter and my friend how they have lost 30 pounds in 3 months, so I can’t wait to see my results! Thanks!

Paula O.
Submitted 06/02/19
It was only my first visit. I’m anxious to have follow ups and go from there. I do like that you do blood work and US and look at all areas with the wt loss program. I’m excited to see how this journey goes.

Nancy W.
Submitted 06/02/19
The office staff and Dr.Scaffidi is so nice they take there time and explain everything step by step, you will definitely leave the office feeling good.

Amy S.
Submitted 06/02/19
My SmartLipo is wonderful!! Everything Dr S said would happen did and the results are awesome! I can’t believe I waited so long to get it done!!

Beverly M.
Submitted 06/02/19
Your team of people were very professional and polite and funny!! I left feeling very good about my decision to join your team for my weight loss goals! Thank You!

Leah A.
Submitted 05/30/19
I wouldn’t make any changes – you guys are amazing!

Maria R.
Submitted 05/30/19
I like all the information that I get and the help from this Program. The Dr has really changed my life and I appreciate that l am on the way to a longer life!

Carmen H.
Submitted 05/27/19
I think everything was great. I got there way to early and was seen right away. The worker’s are understanding and sympathetic even when I explained certain life issues that were non related. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Mary B.
Submitted 05/26/19
The Easton office is so close to my house. When I was going to Allentown the past few years I always waited over an hour. I left the office and was back home within an hour. That was amazing. I don’t mind waiting a little. I understand that some people need to have more things explained. I will be grateful that time will be taken to talk and explain things when I need them to be. That is worth a little wait sometimes.

Beth A.
Submitted 05/25/19
Just started with Lehigh Valley Weight Loss, Women’s Health & Aesthetics and love the fact that it is monitored by Dr. Scaffidi. Karen is very supportive in our weight loss goals and was happy that my husband and I were doing this together. Hope we have as much success as our friends have had with LVWL.

Aurora A.
Submitted 05/25/19
Excellent experience! I feel this will help me achieve a better lifestyle.

Tamieka A.
Submitted 05/24/19
Staff is great. Everyone is so nice. Dr. Scaffidi is awesome!

Teresa A.
Submitted 05/24/19
I am a repeat customer. I changed insurance and tried another weight loss place. Big mistake. Glad to be back. Had great results the last time I was here and I am sure I will again.

Aracelis R.
Submitted 05/18/19
I feel excellent with the way they explain everything to me.

Kamini H.
Submitted 05/12/19
Wonderful, and knowledgeable doctor, along with welcoming, friendly staff..prompt service, and always with your best interests at heart. Great doctor,great staff!

Tomas T.
Submitted 05/10/19
Excellent PA and very nice staff!

Tiffany L.
Submitted 05/04/19
I came to him with several health issues. He was kind, patient, and he treated each and every issue. He even called me at home after hours.

Jaritza C.
Submitted 04/29/19
I love this office, always have a good experience coming here

Darlene B.
Submitted 04/29/19
Thank you for you and your staff’s support and encouragement. You help to keep me motivated!

Louis O.
Submitted 04/21/19
Great people and they make you feel at ease and confortable.

Joleone K.
Submitted 04/14/19
The staff was very friendly and supportive. Dr. Scaffidi was thorough, clear in his explanations and left me with a positive feeling about the future of my care.

Melynda A.
Submitted 04/13/19
Dr. Scaffidi was honest and supports weight loss, anxiety and women’s health. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Scaffidi and his staff if you feel you could use these services.

Sharda S.
Submitted 04/11/19
I was very happy with my visit. Though I was running late Dr. Scaffidi still saw me. I was very shocked because most providers are not that kind when you’re running late. He also gave me insight on some of the issues I’ve been fighting with for years. Which no other provider informed me of though I’d been seeing the same provider for years ! I’m happy to know that Dr. Scaffidi will help me with my weight issues too. I couldn’t ask for a better provider. I wish that I had met him sooner.

Ebony R.
Submitted 04/11/19
Dr. Scaffidi is such a pleasant soul, I feel completely comfortable in his care! Very knowledgeable and aware of the issues women face with weight gain / loss. Highly recommend him and his office. I am very certain I’m going to have a great outcome with him on this weightloss journey!

Anonymous A.
Submitted 04/07/19
Staff was friendly and efficient. The weight loss clinic is well-run and the program is well thought-out. I’m excited to get started on my weight loss journey.

Michelle J.
Submitted 03/29/19
The staff is friendly, the Dr’s are knowledgeable. I had a great experience! No issues at all!

Clare G.
Submitted 03/29/19
Very thorough and friendly staff

Ana C.
Submitted 03/20/19
Muy buena gracias

Nancy R.
Submitted 03/12/19
Staff are helpful and polite short wait time willing to answer all my questions and if they don’t have it they the answer they call back great office team oh let’s not forget the doctors lol

Brooke S.
Submitted 02/28/19
My experience was good

Stephanie S.
Submitted 02/20/19

Jeanie H.
Submitted 02/14/19
Very nice

Kimberly R.
Submitted 02/14/19
Wonderful environment, great doctor and loads of help

Eneida P.
Submitted 02/13/19

Rosa A.
Submitted 02/13/19

Aixa F.
Submitted 02/13/19

Ana P.
Submitted 02/06/19
Dr. Scaffidi and his staff are always so warm and welcoming! The program works too! I am feeling better, able to move more with a bunch more energy. Now I’m scheduled for some cosmetic fat loss and skin tightening …I’m VERY excited about that!!

Mary Ann M.
Submitted 01/28/19
I would deff recommend Dr. Scaffidi to any women in need of an OBGYN.. Doctor Scaffidi has been a great doctor and his staff are amazing. Keep up the good work and Thanks for caring for your patients !!!