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Treatments Performed with the Stellar M22 IPL Laser System

Hair Removal

Hair Removal Skin Treatments in Allentown and Easton, PA
Comfortable and customized hair removal anywhere regardless of your skin tone.

It was fast, painless, and totally worth it

Shaving, plucking, or waxing unsightly hair takes time out of your busy day and isn’t a long-lasting solution to hair removal. If you’re seeking a permanent fix, the licensed aesthetician at Dr. Scaffidi’s: Weight Loss, Women’s Health & Aesthetics, can help. They offer laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair for good.

Based on the principle of selective photothermolysis, laser hair removal targets the entire hair structure, from the hair shaft down to the follicle. Light energy with a specific wavelength is absorbed by the endogenous chromosphere melanin, resulting in the rapid heating and subsequent local thermal necrosis of the follicles’ regenerative structures.

What is laser hair removal?

For laser hair removal, we use the innovative Lumenis Stellar M22 multi application platform because it’s the most effective tool for permanent hair
removal on your:

Face ~ Upper lip ~ Neck ~ Chest ~ Back ~ Abdomen ~ Legs ~ Arms ~ Bikini

Laser hair removal means you can avoid shaving, waxing, plucking, and electrolysis. It helps you gain confidence and improve your overall quality of life.

Is laser hair removal right for me?

To find out if you’re a good candidate for laser hair removal, our licensed aesthetician reviews your medical history, discusses your desired outcome, and examines your skin. Laser treatment is safe and effective for all skin and hair colors and types. If you desire permanent hair loss, the procedure is likely a good match for you. Laser hair removal can save you time and money in the long run.

How should I prepare for laser hair removal

Our aesthetician lets you know how to prepare for laser hair removal. Protect your skin from the sun, avoid sunless tanning creams, don’t take blood-thinning medicines, and avoid waxing, plucking, and electrolysis several weeks prior to treatment. Shave the treatment area the day before your scheduled appointment.

What should I expect during laser hair removal

During laser hair removal at Dr. Scaffidi’s: Weight Loss, Women’s Health & Aesthetics, you lie down on a comfortable chair and wear special glasses to protect your eyes. You can even use a numbing cream to make laser treatment more comfortable. A hand-held instrument is used to apply laser energy to your skin and damage hair follicles. The numbing cream diminishes sensations of
warm pinpricks or rubber bands snapping. With our state of the art technology, your treatment is quick and effective.

What happens after treatment?

After a laser hair removal session, you may notice skin redness or swelling at the treatment area. Applying ice can relieve discomfort. Protect your skin from the sun, and avoid tanning beds.

Multiple laser hair treatments offer you optimal results, as hair growth occurs in cycles. Although hair doesn’t fall out immediately, you should see remarkable improvements after the first few treatments. Periodic maintenance treatments help you maintain desired results for a lifetime.

Don’t settle for shaving, plucking, or waxing when laser hair removal offers you permanent results. Schedule a consultation or treatment today.

  • Don’t settle for shaving, plucking or waxing when you can get permanent results
  • Gain confidence and improve your overall quality of life
  • Saves you time and money in the long run
  • Our state of the art technology makes your treatment comfortable, quick and effective
  • Multiple laser hair treatments offer you optimal results, as hair growth occurs in cycles
  • Typically takes 4-6 sessions but how they are spaced depends on the area(s) treated
  • Enhance your results with an iViVa•Solutions Remedy like Radiance

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The Ultimate Skin Eraser - erase those spots and blemishes, don't just hide them!!

  • For patients looking to comfortably improve skin texture and tone with no downtime
  • For skin anywhere (primarily face, neck, décolletage, hands, knees) to even out skin tones and erase pigmented lesions (age spots, sun spots, rosacea, small blood vessels, etc).
  • Utilizes a comfortable, quick intense pulsed light (IPL) system
  • Creates a more youthful look by
    • Evening out skin tones
    • Erasing pigmented areas (age spots, sun spots, blotches, acne, freckles, large pores, rosacea, spider veins, telangectasias, etc)
    • Building up surface collagen and elastin to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Typically requires 3-4 half hour treatments spaced 2-6 weeks apart
  • No Downtime - lunchtime procedure, go right back to your day
  • Get even better results by combining it at the same time with our ResurFx fractional laser skin resurfacing for a PhotoFractional Treatment
  • Enhance your results with an iViVa•Solutions Remedy like Radiance

Is your skin in need of rejuvenation?

PhotoRejuvenation refers to the use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to treat conditions related to sun-induced skin damage. Are you bothered by freckles or age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, broken capillaries, acne, or just the overall aging appearance of your skin? A PhotoFacial treatment gently and effectively treats a wide range of skin conditions, including:

  • Skin discoloration and blemishes (sun/age spots and freckles)
  • Fine Lines and wrinkles
  • Spider veins or broken capillaries
  • Hemangiomas (purple spots on the skin of the face or body)
  • Redness of cheeks
  • Rosacea
  • Acne
  • Telangiectasias (visible capillaries of the skin)

What happens?

Your PhotoFacial treatment should not take more than 30 minutes. You may experience a warm sensation as the light is applied to your skin, but the treatment is very gentle.

What can I expect after my treatment?

For 2 to 24 hours, you may feel and see your skin mildly flushed or swollen. Freckles and hyper-pigmented lesions will turn darker and look dry for four to seven days and then start flaking off gradually and naturally.

How long will it take to see results?

The normal recovery period varies between two and five days, depending on your skin sensitivity and the treatment performed, but you can expect to see a substantial difference in hyper-pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, and your overall skin texture within one week of treatment.

For some conditions, it may take a few sessions to see the best results. In general, the heavier your skin blemishes, the more treatments you’ll need. We will setup a custom treatment plan for you to obtain your ideal desired results.

How long do the results last?

PhotoFacial treatments are both gentle and very effective. After you have completed your custom treatment plan, you should have one session of a PhotoFacial once or twice a year as maintenance. Your results will last longer if you take good care of your skin to prevent new problems from developing.

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Spider Veins & Telangectasias

I'm really impressed with how smooth and painless this process went

How does it work?

The laser creates heat inside the blood vessel which closes the vein’s walls, eventually causing the vein to disappear. The laser is very precise and only impacts the selected blood vessel and not the surrounding skin.

Does it hurt?

During the treatment, you may experience a slight rubber band snap. Most people find it quite tolerable. Treatments will take between 20-30 minutes, depending upon the number of vessels being treated.

When will I see results?

In many cases, improvement is seen immediately after treatment – full clearance of the veins might take several weeks as they slowly fade away. In the case of multiple veins, 2-3 sessions in 6-8 weeks intervals may be needed.

What should I expect after treatment?

Immediately following treatment, darkening of the vessels may be apparent, with slight redness along the vessel. You should avoid hot baths or excessive physical exercise for 1-2 weeks following treatment. Otherwise, there is no downtime so you are able to continue with your normal activities immediately.

  • Non-invasive treatment for spider veins, small blue veins, and broken capillaries anywhere
  • Typically found on the face around the nose and on the cheeks and on legs
  • Very precise and only involves the selected blood vessel - not the surrounding skin
  • Treatments are comfortable and take between 20-30 minutes, depending upon the number of vessels being treated - there is no downtime
  • Results are often seen immediately, but a full effect might take a few weeks as they slowly fade away
  • A single treatment is usually enough, but occasionally 2-3 sessions spaced at 6-8 weeks may be needed
  • Cannot treat deep, large, or varicose veins

Treatments Performed with the ResurFx Nonablative Fractional Laser System

Gentle fractional laser skin resurfacing of skin anywhere (primarily face, neck, décolletage, hands, knees) - smoothing of fine lines, wrinkles, skin irregularities & scars.

Refresh your skin and create a younger, smoother, tighter look

ResurFX is a fractional, non-ablative laser technology, commonly used in conjunction with PhotoRejuvenation to treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne and surgical scars, skin discoloration, periorbital wrinkles, and stretch marks. ResurFX penetrates the lower layers of skin to stimulate collagen growth without damaging the skin’s surface.

Is there downtime with ResurFX?

The ResurFX has minimal downtime, with a only few days of mild swelling or
redness that looks like a mild sunburn which can be covered with mineral

PhotoFractional is PhotoRejuvenation + ResurFX at the same time. Why?

This special combination treatment improves your overall complexion and texture of your skin by stimulating collagen and erasing irregularities to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy at the surface and below.

The PhotoRejuvenation targets the surface texture and pigment in the skin, including sun and age spots and redness, to even out skin tones. The ResurFX smooths out and resurfaces the skin by penetrating the deeper layers to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

This causes tighter and smoother skin without unwanted spots and tones for a fresh even glowing youthful look.

What are the advantages of ResurFX over other similar treatments?

Faster, less painful and less downtime; it treats the underlying condition in one pass without damaging or heating up the skin’s surface so there is less pain.

How Long Until I See Results?

A treatment course is typically 3-5 sessions spaced out at 2-6 week intervals

  • Smooths out fine lines, wrinkles and skin texture by stimulating deeper collagen and elastin growth
  • For face, neck, décolletage, hands, knees, arms, back and skin anywhere
  • Treats stretch marks, acne, acne scars, other scars, large pores and other skin irregularities
  • Typically requires 3-5 half hour treatments spaced 4-5 weeks apart
  • No Downtime - lunchtime procedure, go right back to your day
  • Results continue to get better and better for 6 months after completed
  • Get even better results by combining it at the same time with our PhotoRejuvenation IPL for a PhotoFractional Treatment
  • Enhance your results with an iViVa•Solutions Remedy like Radiance
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For Radiant Youthful Skin that Lets You Shine

I was amazed to achieve a smoother, tighter, and younger-looking skin in just a few treatments.

  • Treats skin anywhere (primarily face, neck, décolletage, hands, knees) to combine the effects of PhotoRejuvenation + ReSurfx Fractional Laser Resurfacing
  • Combines IPL PhotoRejuvenation and ReSurfx Fractional Laser Resurfacing at the same time
  • This special combination improves your overall complexion and texture by stimulating collagen and elastin to erase irregularities, keeping your skin youthful and healthy at the surface and below
  • The IPL evens out skin tone by removing unwanted pigmentation and blood vessels while the ResurFX stimulates new collagen and elastin fibers in the deeper layers of the skin creating a
    younger, smoother, tighter look
  • The combination creates a tighter, smoother skin without unwanted spots and tones for a fresh even glowing youthful look
  • Use it on skin anywhere, but especially your face, neck, décolletage, hands, knees and arms
  • Typically requires 3-5 sessions spaced 2-6 weeks apart are needed
  • No Downtime, “lunchtime” procedure, you can go right back to your day
  • Enhance your results with an iViVa•Solutions Remedy like Radiance

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PhotoRejuvenation of the face ;) The perfect solution for your skin

I was amazed to achieve a smoother, tighter, and younger-looking skin in just a few treatments.

For patients looking to improve skin texture and skin tone, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacials are an ideal no-downtime treatment for the face, neck, décolletage, and hands. After IPL photofacial treatments, patients can see noticeable improvements and healthier, more evenly toned skin.* IPL photofacials can treat pigmentation problems including freckles, sunspots, large pores, and rosacea. For optimal results, IPL photofacials may need to be performed in a series of three or more treatments. Photofacials can treat a large area of skin, making this a quick and effective treatment for patients on a tight schedule.

PhotoFacials can treat:

  • Rosacea
  • Redness
  • Cherry Angiomas
  • Blotchy skin
  • Acne
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Freckles
  • Sunspots
  • Age spots
  • Broken capillaries
  • Enlarged pores

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Acne & Acne Scars

PhotoRejuvenation with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

After a month I have smoother, tighter, and brighter skin that I have in years.

  • Greatly improves skin appearance and reduces acne
  • Treats your acne by killing the bacteria in the skin
  • Decreases inflammation in multiple ways which leads to less redness and fewer break-outs
  • Accelerates healing of existing lesions and prevents future ones
  • Stimulates superficial collagen preventing future superficial scars
  • Also used to erase spots, capillary veins, or even hair, depending upon what you want
  • Fast “lunch-time” treatment with no downtime

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Rosacea Skin Treatments in Allentown and Easton, PA

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that expresses itself in redness on the face and sometimes on the neck and chest. The exact cause of Rosacea is yet unknown and many who are affected by it are unaware of their condition.

Rosacea can be effectively treated using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). IPL uses controlled light in specific wavelengths to alleviate the inflammation, redness, pimples, and uneven skin tones caused by the condition. IPL offers a gentle, long-lasting solution for those suffering from Rosacea by providing a gradual and natural improvement to the skin’s appearance.

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Sun spots, age spots and redness are common skin conditions

They are usually a cosmetic concern and vary in size, shape, and depth. Successfully treat pigmentation on both facial and body areas, regardless of skin type, achieving brighter, more uniform looking skin minimal downtime.

Pigmented lesions are hypermelanocytic areas typically induced by sun exposure, the natural aging process or congenital factors. Pigmented lesions vary widely in size, shape and depth. They can be either raised or flat and are usually a cosmetic rather than a medical concern. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which targets the melanin is effective in treating benign lesions and clearing them.

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Stretch Marks & Other Scars

Stretch marks from puberty, pregnancy and weight loss can all be treated.

This non-ablative skin resurfacing stimulates collagen growth and tightens underlying skin.

Ideal for patients who prefer a milder treatment approach with less downtime but can be combined with Morpheus8 for a full-thickness and more effective solution.

Uses an advanced scanner technology, CoolScan, to ensure that energy delivery is precise and homogenous making treatment times quick, minimizing discomfort and yet still very effective.

If you’ve ever tried to get rid of stretch marks, you’re most likely well aware that it simply can’t be done with topical, over-the-counter creams or lotions. But now, thanks to recent developments in skin care technology, stretch marks can be reduced or eliminated quickly and efficiently. Using deep, superficial, or a combination of energy-based technologies, patients can enjoy a fast, comfortable treatment free from any downtime.

Stretch marks occur when the collagen in the dermis is torn, resulting in linear scarring to the epidermis that many people feel are unsightly. Women often experience stretch marks following the physical stress of pregnancy, but can also accompany other changes in weight such as puberty, steroid use, or life in general.

Women usually develop stretch marks on the abdomen, buttocks, breasts, and thighs, while men will often also find them in the shoulders. They can all be treated effectively.

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SmoothGlo Sequential Treatments

PhotoRejuvenation + Morpheus8 RadioFrequency Microneedling

I had my first treatment yesterday and already notice a smoother complexion
- Kyle Richards, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Actress and Television Personality

My skin is so smooth - it’s helped with the wrinkles on my face. I look more awake, which was a big thing for me. I was most surprised by how bright and youthful my skin looks.
- Jake Roper Tolbert

Say goodbye to the uneven skin tone that gives away your age.

Say goodbye to unwanted “reds and browns” and even the most stubborn age spots.

Most importantly, say goodbye to the accumulated wrinkles and fine lines that appear with age.

SmoothGlo is a sequential treatment that targets the three biggest signs of aging skin – tone, texture, and volume. By addressing all three areas in one session, SmoothGlo patients are able to dramatically reverse the visible signs of aging and enjoy a brighter, more youthful glow.

What is it?

SmoothGlo combines Morpheus8 RadioFrequency Microneedling with Stellar M22 IPL PhotoFacial to target brown and red spots, age spots, and discoloration of the skin while at the same time reducing fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, and other textural issues.

How does it work?

The PhotoRejuvenation destroys unsightly pigment and blood-filled capillaries and the RF microneedling regenerates elastin, collagen, and natural hyaluronic acid.

The end result is a younger-looking you.

What should I expect?

SmoothGlo treatments take 30 minutes to 1 hour. Immediately after treatment, you can return to your daily activities.

Premedication and numbing cream is recommended for the most effective results with the least discomfort. This requires you to have a driver and relax the rest of the day.

You may experience some redness or swelling. This can last between a couple of hours to a few days. Additionally, you may see and feel minor scabbing. Don’t worry, it will naturally heal and shed off.

When will I see results?

Many patients see visible improvements right away. For the best and longest-lasting results, complete a series of 3-4 SmoothGlo treatments spaced three to four weeks apart.

What can I expect after the treatment?

After treatment, stay out of direct sunlight for a few weeks and apply sunscreen regularly. Most importantly, follow our post-care instructions.

What was the treatment experience like?

It’s two synergistic, sequential treatments, you do IPL first and then radio frequency microneedling. Recommended three to four sessions, and I’m doing the full four. Even after the first treatment, I saw immediate results. It’s pretty amazing, and I loved knowing that my skin would improve even more over the next few treatments.

It firms up the skin, and it helps stimulate collagen production, so I’m even going to see even more results as the months go by. My skin is so smooth, too. I could put foundation on right now and it would just glide right on. It’s also helped with the fine wrinkles on my face. I look more awake, which was a big thing for me too.

I was most surprised by how bright and youthful my skin looks.

When will I see the results?

Many patients see visible improvements right away. For the best and longest-lasting results, we recommend a package of 4 SmoothGlo treatments spaced 4 weeks apart.

What does SmoothGlo feel like?

SmoothGlo is minimally invasive and is very well tolerated. Most patients choose to utilize premedication along with numbing cream for a more relaxed pleasant experience.

Tell me more about how it works

Lumenis IPL delivers intense pulses of therapeutic light to destroy the unsightly pigment and blood-filled capillaries. The patented controlled pulsing technology minimizes your discomfort and maximizes your safety.

Morpheus8 RF Microneedling creates micro-wounds in your skin to promote a natural healing process that leads to the regeneration of elastin, collagen, and natural hyaluronic acid. The end result is a smooth, glowing complexion!

What can I expect after treatment?

SmoothGlo treatments take about 1 hour. If you take advantage of premedication, you will need a driver and relax the rest of the day. You may experience some mild redness or swelling that can last from a couple of hours to a few days. Your skin may feel rough with minor fine scabbing. Don’t worry; it will naturally heal and shed off.

It is extremely important to follow post-care instructions for the best results. Stay out of direct sunlight, use sunscreen and proper skincare consistently, and stay hydrated.

SmoothGlo’s extraordinary results are setting a new bar for aesthetic outcomes and we are thrilled to be the first to offer this new protocol to our patients in the Lehigh Valley!

Targets the three biggest signs of aging skin all at once - tone, texture, and volume

  • Eliminates uneven skin tones, small veins and large pores that make you look older
  • Removes unwanted “reds and browns” and even the most stubborn age / sun spots
  • Smoothes out the accumulated wrinkles and fine lines that appear with age
  • Dramatically reverses the signs of aging with skin that’s smoother and brighter
  • Leaves you with a more glowing, youthful look

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Morpheus8 Laser Skin Treatments in Allentown and Easton, PA

Morpheus8 RadioFrequency Microneedling

Morpheus8 is the first and only aesthetic treatment of its kind. Its cutting-edge microneedling system delivers a finely tuned burst of RF energy to the depths of your skin to simultaneously kickstart collagen production, tighten the skin, brighten its tone and give it a healthy, revitalized, and youthful glow.

Youthful skin is maintained by specific building blocks. In order to postpone or correct the signs of aging, such as nasolabial folds, droopy upper or lower eyelids, sagging jowls, fine lines, wrinkles or crepe-like changes on any body area (especially décolletage, neck, arms, hands, and knees), and even stretch marks, it is essential that we consider how to regenerate those building blocks. Morpheus8 has been proven to reach deep beneath the epidermis where the skin’s foundation begins and is one of the most advanced skin tightening and toning methods available. This technology is perfect for patients interested in meaningful facial and body rejuvenation without surgery.

Remodel, Revitalize and Regenerate

Morpheus8 is an advanced treatment that stimulates remodeling in the adipose tissue of the dermis by combining radiofrequency with the microneedling. On its own, microneedling provokes a healing response in which collagen proliferation increases. With Morpheus8, collagen increase is only part of its remarkable results. By using radiofrequency energy to reach tissue up to 7mm deep, this device also prompts tissue regeneration that includes thickening and tightening.

Candidates For Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is excellent for facial rejuvenation and body resurfacing because it can achieve multiple corrections simultaneously. Some of the concerns addressed with this radiofrequency technique include:

  • Excess fat in the face and neck
  • Mild sagging, softening and jowling in the face and neck
  • Uneven or rough skin texture
  • Acne scarring and other scars on the face or body
  • Deep lines and creases anywhere on the face or body
  • Sun damage
  • Poor skin texture
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Stretch Marks

Morpheus8 is used by itself for the indications outlined above plus:

  • As a combined procedure– Morpheus8 can be added to BodyTite or SmartLipo in order to obtain maximum skin tightening while improving skin quality, like treating stretch marks while having lipolysis and liposuction of the abdomen and waist.
  • Facelift Maintenance– A treatment with Morpheus8 once a year will help maintain the results following facelift surgery or multiple injectables. You can continue to age gracefully and you may never need surgery or more injectables in the future.

The Morpheus8 Treatment

A local anesthetic cream is used to decrease the sensation of both the microneedles and radiofrequency energy. Once numb, the treatment begins. The tip of the applicator has several tiny needles through which the energy passes for a fraction of a second. This is then placed onto an adjacent area. The motion is somewhat like a stamping technique rather than moving the applicator across the skin.

How Many Morpheus8 Treatments Are Needed?

Morpheus8 begins to stimulate change immediately after the first treatment. Depending on the extent of improvement a patient desires, a series of 3 to 4 treatments spaced out at 3 to 6 week intervals may be considered.

Morpheus8 Recovery

Mild redness and swelling may occur for a day or two and the treated area may be slightly sensitive for a few days. Generally, patients are encouraged to refrain from wearing makeup for 1 to 2 days.

Is Morpheus8 Painful?

Microneedling with radiofrequency may feel slightly uncomfortable in certain areas. However, our use of topical numbing cream and pre-treatment medications make treatment much more pleasant than many patients expect.

Get the “SmoothGlo” effect by combining it with our PhotoRejuvention to create an incredible smooth, glowing & youthful result! Morpheus8 is more advanced than traditional microneedling and offers many more benefits, including:

  • Repairing sun damage to skin
  • Increasing the production of collagen
  • Reducing wrinkles, fading stretch marks and scars
  • It is safe on all skin tones and for all skin types, it is ‘color-blind’
  • All parts of the treated area are improved uniformly
  • No patient downtime is required

I had tried at-home microneedling solutions in the past, and now I can completely see why so many people choose to go the professional route. The results are impressive!

Dr. Scaffidi is pleased to offer his patients this new, cutting-edge, skin rejuvenation option. In the past, you could only accomplish skin tightening by going “under the knife.” Morpheus8 is an energy-based treatment designed to provide deep skin rejuvenation with minimal pain and downtime, while offering long-term results.

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Skin rejuvenation treatment isn’t just about correcting perceived beauty flaws. It’s also about turning back the hands of time and maintaining that improvement and preventing the progression of the hands of time! Morpheus8 RF Microneedling serves to help diminish signs of aging as they arise by tightening moderately loose skin around the face, neck, chest or other areas of the body (think knees, legs, abdomen, etc!) treating wrinkles, and rejuvenating collagen! Morpheus8 offers the following benefits and more:

  1. Targets multiple layers, getting to the root causes of skin aging.
  2. Promotes collagen and elastin for healthy, lasting results.
  3. Provides immediate visual improvement in facial appearance.
  4. Causes minimal pain.
  5. Enhances the skin’s natural healing process.
  6. Offers clinically proven RF thermal skin regeneration technology.
  7. Promotes deep rejuvenation through MULTIPLE layers of skin, INCLUDING MUSCLE ACTIVATION!
  8. Provides long-term results.
  9. Offers personalized, tailor-made results for each patient.
  10. Offers minimal downtime for recovery.

More About Morpheus8 RadioFrequency Microneedling

Morpheus8 restores and rejuvenates the skin on a deep, cellular level using a combination of radiofrequency and microneedling.

Morpheus8 not only gets rid of stretch marks, but also remodels the skin restoring shapely, youthful contours.

Morpheus8 is capable of penetrating the treatment area to a depth of as much as 4 millimeters - deeper than all other microneedling devices - resulting in the best effects by improving the skin on a deep, cellular level.

Morpheus8, combined with ResurFx, gives the best results with both a deep dermal structural remodeling and a superficial epidermal skin rejuvenation